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        I know mostly everyone has heard “well what things do you want to do before you die”. There’s books that say 100 things to see before you die or 50 things to do before you die. But I’m wondering right now if you had to pick 10 things to do before you die what would they be and do you have reasons why?

These are my 10 things::

1. Travel the world.I would really like to do this and I always have wanted to. My dad travels and he tells me about all the things he gets to do and see in the different countries. I want to explore and find out new things. I’m one of those people who kinda like going to the museums so I would love to learn about the different places that I go to.

2. Sky Diving. Yea that might sound a little out there but I really think this would be cool to do. I’ve seen it and movies and things and it looks scary but fun.

3. Ride Horses. I have rode horses when I was little but I still want to do more. I’ve always wanted to ride a horse on an open field or along the beach. I don’t really know why I want to do this so bad but it just seems so free ,to ride were every you want.

4. House On The Cape. I really want to get a beach house in Cape Cod. I go to Cape Cod every summer and love it there. It would be nice to have my own house instead of renting one.

5. Kite Surfing. How much fun would this be? My dad almost learned how to do this and it would have been so much fun and will be when I learn.

6. New York City. I want to live in New York at some point of my life. I’ve always liked the city. I love how there can be so many different parts in one place. I love how some people there are climbing to the top. Climbing to their highest point and trying there hardest to succeed in their work. Always going. “The city that never sleeps.”

7. Own Store. This really just came to my mind. I think this would be cool because I get to pick what I sell. I get to find things that I want to sell and I can ever have my own things in my store. I would get to do it my way.

8. Writing A Book. Even if it is just for me I would like to write a book. It doesn’t have to be super long or anything like that. I just have ideas and would like to try to write them down on paper. I really like to write.

9. Helping Animals. I love animals. I would like to help them in some way. I’m not sure how but I really want to.

10. Who Knows. My family says that I’m always planning always wanting to know the next thing. They say I should just go with the flow. Well for my 10th thing I’m leaving it up to the universe. Everything happens for a reason right?? So this one is unplanned even thought I want to do lots of things in my life but these things will come as I go on into the future and live my life.

What Did You Think Of My 10 Things??Comment Me And Tell Me Yours.

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15 thoughts on “10 things

  1. what i would like to is number 1and 8 and i would also like to spend a whole day with a special freind if you know what i mean!!!! =]


  2. Hey thats a cool idea to write a post on!!!! Do you think I could use it?? Comment on my blog and tell me or if I am too impatient to wait for your answer you will see my 10 things. lol My blogs at http;//meganbe3.edublogs.org

  3. thank you for the comment.and i really like your page and i have a question why do u like water so much????=]


  4. Hi Amanda
    Thanks for the comment. I think that is a very good idea to write a post about. It’s a clever way to entertain your audience and get them to comment. The 10 things I’d like to do? Well… that’s a hard one… ok. Got it.
    Go to Disneyworld because it’s apparently awesome there, go on a cruise, go to Hawaii, eat frog legs (that sounds gross, but my best friend says they taste liek chicken… weird!) Well, I’ll have to think fo some for the next 6. by then I’ll have a post done. Bye!

  5. Chuckles-
    I have to say, that is one of the best posts on a blog that I have ever read. This post showed me a different side than the Amanda I knew. It showed me a side which I like, and would have never gotten to see. A side that shows who you really are behind those giggles! And all those sides is not the Amanda that I know. They are different, and original. Great work hunny bunches! And I want to go with you to all those places. K.Thanks, bye!


  6. ooommgg… we have to go skydiving together.lol. i would love to do alll of those things tooo. hope your list comes true….haha

    luvs ya

    p.s. ~ it reminds me of the bucket list…love that movie!! i cried at the end…TEAR!!

  7. Hey Amanda. Thanks for tagging me. <3

    Love the 10 things that you want to do, I want to do some of the same things that you do

    -Love Liv Liv-

  8. thank you for tagging me amanda. Wow this is going to be really hard because i have never though about it =]

    -herky- luv ya

  9. hey thanks, I’ll get round to writing my 10 things soon!!!! I need to have a good think about it first!!

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  13. I think writing a book, even if just for ones self would be really cool. I think travelling the world would be really insightful. It would be a very rewarding experience so I really hope I get to do that one day. I too want to help out animals!! In fact I think I want to be a vet when I’m older but I’m not 100% sure yet.

    Just wondering…

    Where abouts do you live?
    I’m from Central N.Z

    How old are you?
    I’m 14, in my first year of college.

    It was great hearing from you on my blog.

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