The Song Is The Story In Your Mind

The song is the story in your head.

Dream Catcher By Freebird

I guess if you just heard someone say that it might not make totally sense. My mom is a teacher and today she was trying to decide what type of music she wanted her class to listen to while they wrote. She said “it can keep things calm and quit”. It is a pretty good idea I agree. A certain type of music could make you write about a certain thing. Like if it was a happy, upbeat song you might write about your favorite sunshine filled day. But at that point when she was saying this I was just so annoyed and tired and most of all wanted to just get out of this store. It was giving me a major headache. I said to my mom your students don’t need music the song is the story in their head.

In someways the story could be a song. Something that flows and just like a song brings emotions. Maybe you could even sing along. But some of the best songs we don’t sing along to. We just have to listen and take it all in.

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