About Me

    Hey Everyone

I’m just going to list some things about me and what I like to do.

I’m Amanda and I’m 13 years old.

My Birthday is on June 14th. Flag Day!!!! My dad calls me his red, white, and blue kid. Even thought is not a major holiday or anything like that I still think it’s pretty cool.

I have a younger brother. He is only one year younger though so were I guess you could say close. Sometimes we fight but I still love he and don’t know what I would do without him.

I love animals. Love, love, love them. I have a dog who’s name is Harding . Yes that is a funny name but we named him after our favorite beach. Hes a big dog and some people are scared of him but I love him all the same.

I love the beach and love to travel. One of my favorite places is New York. I love how ever one is busy but having fun at the same time. I love to swim and spend time with my family and friends on the beach.

I like to take pictures. I just got a camera and think its one of the best things ever. Even though I not sure how to work it exactly.

Hmm well there’s lots I could say but if you want to know more read my blog. Some people say reading it you get a better understand of me and who I am and others say you get to see a whole other side of me.


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  1. G’day Amanda,
    Welcome to the blogging competition. I hope you enjoy the activities and get a chance to improve your blog and make friends around the world. Just remember to be internet savvy.

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